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What is Vietnamese coffee, and how is it different from say… Turkish coffee (as opposed to American coffee, from

The preparation pictured involves a derivative of a French drip, the coffee itself is coarse ground, and it’s usually brewed over sweetened condensed milk and then poured over ice. The strength can be easily adjusted via a screw in the drip.

Turkish coffee is super finely ground (often requiring a specialty burr grinder) and boiled multiple times in an ibik/small copper or tin (etc) pot with a thin neck. The main characteristics are the high strength and a light foam on top. It’s usually sweetened with sugar and served in a demitasse cup. It is a pain in the ass to make at altitude.

American coffee, specifically an Americano, is espresso with hot water (diluted). Otherwise it simply refers to drip coffee.



Sending a big “FU” to the corporate side of the fashion industry.

As an increasingly successful fashion blogger, I have been targeted by several brands, large & small, one of which is quite a large corporation.
Because I am undermining a very important part of their money making system.

Today, the fashion industry is split in half.
You have Women’s fashion & Men’s fashion.
You will find designers here and there who produce androgynous designs but for the most part, the industry (brands & corporate companies) want designers who either design Men’s wear or Women’s wear, and follow a very gendered structure. Everything from the tailoring to the materials has to be specific to the binary boy/girl gender system.
This is why you can’t find feminine style’s of clothing tailored for the average males body type in any department store, thus creating a “mens” & “women’s” division.

Every time I modify the clothing I buy in department stores to fit my body type and then model it for people to see, not only am I inspiring people to step out of the box with their fashion choices, but I am merging two markets into one.
Why is this bad for corporations?
More markets equal more advertising and marketing opportunities which ultimately leads to more sales and more profit.

When I successfully inspire people to be less mindful about if they look like a girl or a boy, ultimately I am inspiring them to go against the gendered market system that brands and clothing companies make so much money off of.

I have received several hateful emails, discouraging my efforts as a fashion blogger. I was even asked by a large corporate clothing company to STOP buying their clothing and modifying it to fit my body type. They stated that by doing so, and sharing it with my audience that I was creating the illusion that gender did not exist, and that I am leading a bad example for society. …



FUCK YOU, to any clothing brand, company & corporation who’s got a problem with who I am, what I believe in & how I express myself.

-Elliott Alexzander

This is just so important! Gendered clothing is such bullshit and I want more people to realize!!!

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