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60cm FeePle 60 (Full Package) - “Aqua Steam Age, Rin" (136 total of Celine or Rin available)

Rin comes with the new Moe body, 2 heads (normal and sleeping), #11 hands, flat feet, heel feet (free gift), face-up, eyes (random colour), random wig, outfit, black high heel shoes, white resin shoes, white resin gun and white resin goggles

  • Resin Options: natural, beautiful white or tan
  • Additional Options: face-up (for sleeping head), painting for resin accessories, eye upgrade



Edwin Ushiro

Sasayaki No Tsudoi” Translation: Gathering Whispers. Giant Robot celebrated Edwin Ushiro’s new ‘tra-digital’ works on plexiglass , a luminous combination of traditional and digital.  Ushiro’s first trial with this technique. His unique manner of working was recently documented in Thrash Lab x Giant Robot’s artist documentary series, which played at the opening. It offered a rare insight into his private process of sketching, digitally painting, and reapplying the work onto plexiglass for final, hand painted touches.

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